MelRomeo is back?

Jul 14, 2019

Well hello there world.

It's good to be back with another blog!

My name is Mel , MelRomeo . This is the only few words that i can say in English :P

Few days ago i went from Manila and i'm so excited to watch all of streamer or Facebook staff talking very fluent English. I've talked to one of my buddy , Afiq "Chii" Afzainizam and also a streamer from Malaysia. He said that this is because of i didn't practice so that i have no confident at all.

Apart from that, i was a blogger but i wrote in Malay. I was thinking why don't i use my blog to improve my English right? Now i'm full time streamer for Facebook Gaming for almost 2 years.

I will try to improve my English by starting to type in English. Therefore from now on let's DO IT!. My grammar gonna be disaster! So please don't laugh or you can still laugh at me. The moment i wrote this blog i  don't use BACKSPACE! seriously. 

After i wrote this i can say that I'm struggled! Once again if my English is bad, i'm so sorry!




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