Keep Striving Forward

Jul 30, 2019

Sup Gais,

I have a lot of things need to be considered. I myself keep thinking how to improve myself time to time. I believe this post still have something wrong with my grammar but i don't care as long as i keep trying.

Last week, I met with Soloz , DaddyHood , Griplex , Fredo , Logan , Penjahat , Rush , Bexed and all of Bosskur Family. We shared experience and knowledge together how to improve our stream quality and video on demand on YouTube.

Soloz | Melz | Cocan

I just started YouTube 3 Month and i already achieved 19k Subscriber and most of them are Gaming Videos that i recorded from my Live Stream. I got a lot of inputs from Soloz and this guy is so struggle to start his Channel at first. I don't want to give any excuses as this guy proved me that nothing is impossible. He told me that he edited all his videos using Smart Phone. OMG! HAHA i can't believe it can be done.

You can still visit my videos here : YouTube MelRomeo



Facebook Gaming Summit 2019 at Manila Philipines

Jul 16, 2019

Hello guys!

A few days ago, i went from Manila.  I had opportunity to be TOP 20 streamers from Malaysia to join Facebook Gaming Creator Summit 2019. I had amazing days with all streamers from Taiwan, Malaysia , Thailand, Vietnam , Indonesia and last but not least our host : Philippines!

From there , i learnt something precious and discuss among all of the streamers to improve Facebook Gaming. We also explore new things from other streamers that share their journey.

Besides that , Facebook also gonna launch a lot of new features that i personally can't wait for it! Seriously all the features that gonna roll-out are insane! I believe Facebook Gaming gonna be good products in the future! 

See you again!



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